O'Brien Counseling Services



O’Brien Counseling Services is dedicated to addressing college student mental health. We offer developmentally-sensitive support to college students who feel stuck due to emotional, behavioral or substance abuse issues. We offer hope and help to these students so they may get back on course and have a successful academic experience.

College can be stressful for emerging adults who are adjusting to college life, navigating peer and intimate relationships, acclimating to new academic rigors and/or struggling to find their fit. At times, this may become overwhelming and cause them to get stuck.  Without help, the situation may snowball into depression, anxiety, addictive behaviors or suicidal thoughts that may ultimately derail academic progress and compromise substantial educational investments.

We help college students to identify problems, to increase their coping skills and to successfully navigate through difficult times.  We assist college students to also break down what is on their plate in order to make overwhelming situations feel manageable again.  These combined efforts help college students to feel hopeful which empowers them to make academic progress.

Our dynamic blend of services includes individual psychotherapy, addiction counseling, crisis management, personal coaching and career counseling. We believe this combination as well as collaboration with students, families, treatment teams and local colleges help college students to enhance their overall wellness while improving their academic performance at the same time.  

If you are a student, parent, concerned friend, school official or community mental health care provider and you want to learn more about our services, please call 312.316.7703 today.